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Markiplier Plays Doom

As explained by him in the first episode of this series, the original Doom is one of Markiplier’s first and favorite video games of all time. It’s no surprise, then, that he is so excited to play through the 2016 reboot by the same name. Mark starts off the playthrough so giddy with excitement and nostalgia that even seeing the Id Software (developers of the game) logo show up after the tutorial got his fists pumping.  He chooses to play on the hardest difficulty available to players who have not yet completed the game, aptly named “Hurt Me Plenty”....

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Game Grumps Play Doom

A first-person shooter on my Game Grumps? Couldn’t be. Surprise, its happening! And all the more shocking, we have Dan at the controls, taking on endless hordes of gross dripping hell-spawn on an eerie, and often very dark,  planet Mars. And those didn’t even choose the easy difficulty. Yah, things are going to get good. The version of Doom Dan and Arin are playing is reboot released in 2016 that has all the demons and blood of the original plus new fun ways to blow up those demons and much better graphics so the player can admire just how...

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Doom (2016)

This is the gritty and gory reboot of the classic game of the same name that help popularize the first person shooter genre back in 1993. While the original Doom had many sequels and spin-offs, this 2016 version of the game is the first full reboot of the series. Doom 2016 has all of the elements you would expect of a Doom game: The blood, guts, gore, the almost never-ending horde of hell-spawn of varying shapes and sizes, the satisfying “gib” kills where the enemy literally blows apart to your shotgun blasts, and that lonely but satisfying you-against-the-world  feeling...

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Sky Does Minecraft Plays Minecraft

Yes, the title is a bit redundant, but this page is for Sky Does Minecraft playing Minecraft. Specifically the over 1,500 Minecraft Let’s Play videos on his channel. Sky has become the most successful Minecraft Let’s Player amassing many dedicated fans over the past 4 years. Releasing a new video everyday, each clocking in around 15 minutes, the channel has done a remarkable job keeping fans entertained. The bulk of the videos are of sky goofing around and showing off a new mod for the game, or playing mini games with friends of the show and other Youtube personalities....

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Sky Does Minecraft

Adam Dahlberg is a popular Youtube gamer and founder of Sky Does Minecraft, one of the most popular channels on Youtube. In fact with over 12 million subscribers, whom are referred to by Adam as the Sky Army, the channel is the most popular Minecraft Let’s Play Channel. Sky Does Minecraft also occasionally streams on Twitch, ironically he generally does not play Minecraft on his Twitch streams, rather he plays many other popular streaming games like Heathstone, League of Legends, and...

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