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Coming from very humble beginnings. Minecraft has slowly blossomed in to one of the most popular video games of all time. Minecraft is a first/third person open-world block building survival RPG. Did you get all that? Minecraft is a bit hard to define because it really created its own genre. The game brings the satisfaction of building things (a la toys like LEGOs) together with traditional survival and RPG video game elements. This combination makes for a video game where a lot of the entertainment comes from exploring the unknown and learning what you are capable of doing. Gameplay...

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Since it was announced at Blizzcon 2014, Overwatch has easily been Blizzard’s most highly anticipated title on the horizon. The anticipation was built around the fact that the highly respected developer Blizzard was moving in to the multiplayer first person shooter market while at the same time creating a whole new universe and characters to go alongside the Warcraft, Diablo, and Starcraft universes. World building and lore is a front they never fail to impress in, the question was if they could create a solid and entertaining competitive FPS, as they have never ventured in to this genre before....

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Markiplier Plays Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is the type of game that is right in Markiplier’s wheelhouse. It is unpredictable and most attempts at the user made maps result in gory and visceral deaths. He reacts as if he actually feels a bit of the pain of his crushed, exploded, impaled, and/or sliced up riders. These reaction add a fun punch to each attempt and makes the series very addicting due your desire to see how he’ll react to the next crazy way the rider dies. The videos are presented as highlights and edited to feature only the most interesting courses and attempts....

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Imaqtpie Plays League of Legends

For Imaqtpie, streaming League of Legends is the more appealing alternative career path to his original claim to fame, which was playing LoL as a professional competitor. Imaqtpie worked his way, mostly as an AD carry, up the ranks all the way to playing for team Dignitas for several years. Due to his likeable personality and undeniable skills, he started becoming more and more popular during his occasional Twitch streams. Eventually he called it quits for the competitive scene and fully embraced the streaming scene of League. Since then he has gone on to build a significant following as...

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Pewdiepie Plays Happy Wheels

Happy Wheels is one of Pewdiepie’s longest running series, with over 70 episodes, and spans several years. It’s also notable as one of the first series he did that was not a horror game. In this series Pewdiepie plays through a random selection of fan made levels, usually picking from the top rated at the time. He gives most of the courses an honest effort, but he’s pretty good about paying attention and following the directions of the course. What makes this series great though is not his skill, which is average, but his hilarious commentary and reactions to...

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