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Quickly becoming one of the most followed and successful YouTuber, Markiplier is writing the book on creating a successful Let’s Play channel. Known for his deep, boisterous voice and excited reactions, Markiplier keeps viewers entertained by playing video games while commentating, performing live action sketches, and playing in-person games with fellow YouTube personalities. Markiplier saw the most success when playing through games that provide jump-scares, most notably the Five Night At Freddy’s...

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Bloodborne is the standout game for the PS4 in 2015. As the next installment in the Dark/Demon Souls series from developer FromSoftware, Bloodborne came with a lot of hype and a solid pedigree. Bloodborne plays very similarly to the Dark/Demon Souls games, with a gothic theme and lots of blood on the menu. This hack’n’slash fest is fast paced with a greater focus on the offense, providing a numerous guns as the secondary weapon and no ability to block. All aspects, of Bloodborne received praise from reviewers and players alike. Great controls, visuals, sound, and theme make Bloodborne the...

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Game Grumps Play Bloodborne

Arin and Danny log a mammoth playthrough of the critically acclaimed PS4 exclusive from FromSoftware, Bloodborne. One of GameGrumps longest series saw the game from beginning to end for a full completion. This series had high view counts throughout its 109 episodes due to its combination of the engaging, gruesome visuals of the game and the consistently interesting back-and-forth between Arin and Danny. The Dark Souls/Bloodborne series of games is infamous for their unforgiving difficulty, and with Arin at the controls throughout  game you can be sure there were some epic outbursts, mental breakdowns, and screams followed by sighs...

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