This is the gritty and gory reboot of the classic game of the same name that help popularize the first person shooter genre back in 1993. While the original Doom had many sequels and spin-offs, this 2016 version of the game is the first full reboot of the series. Doom 2016 has all of the elements you would expect of a Doom game: The blood, guts, gore, the almost never-ending horde of hell-spawn of varying shapes and sizes, the satisfying “gib” kills where the enemy literally blows apart to your shotgun blasts, and that lonely but satisfying you-against-the-world  feeling that pays off after you complete each stage.

Recent experience tells us that reboots of classic series don’t always go over too well with  neither the critics or fans. Doom 2016 seems to be the exception. It is created exactly as a reboot should be, holding true to the strengths that made the original great while modernizing the old features and including new features that have been proven successful in the years since the original release.

You still have the enemies, weapons, armor, and heath packs that were all present in the original, but now you also get to play around with explosive shotgun shells, RPG style abilities and power-ups,  as well as a whole host of weapon mods. While all of this might be overwhelming to some classic Doom fans, they are not a necessity to complete the game on the average difficulty.

Like the original, the peak of your Doom enjoyment will come from blasting through seemingly endless waves of demons, teetering on the edge of low-health crap-your-pants panic and the satisfaction that comes from bashing the last hellspawns skull against your knee open up the path and complete the mission.