A first-person shooter on my Game Grumps? Couldn’t be. Surprise, its happening! And all the more shocking, we have Dan at the controls, taking on endless hordes of gross dripping hell-spawn on an eerie, and often very dark,  planet Mars. And those didn’t even choose the easy difficulty. Yah, things are going to get good.

The version of Doom Dan and Arin are playing is reboot released in 2016 that has all the demons and blood of the original plus new fun ways to blow up those demons and much better graphics so the player can admire just how blown up that poor demon-spawn became. As stated before, Dan is taking the reins this play-through which, if you are an avid viewer of Game Grumps, is a surprising but very welcome sight. To his benefit, he does have experience playing Doom, unfortunately for him that experience came 20 years ago while playing the original.  Although fans might think this is a recipe for disaster, it actually works out very well.

It turns out Danny is pretty good at the game at the normal difficulty. Actually, his level of skill at the game makes watching very satisfying because he is just good enough to progress through the game. This sets up for many, for lack of a better phrase, edge-of-your-seat moments where you as a viewer is pulling for Dan to make it through the horde of demons in one piece while he clings to life by crushing a grunt’s skull like a piñata and frantically running around to collect the sweet, sweet health packs that fell from it.

At the time of writing this the series is ongoing. We will watch and see if they take this series to the bitter end. With as much fun as this series is to watch, we really hope they do.

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