Another Let’s Play channel has succumbed to the Overwatch hype as the Game Grumps try their hand at the flashy new team based shooter.  They have up one video up (hopefully more are in the works) that includes Arin, Ross, Barry, along with some returning guests of the show Commander Holly, Octopimp, and fan and cast favorite Machoking together on a team. Like some of the other online multiplayer Steam Train episodes in the past, each member of the team has a mic and the view switches from one players perspective to another to show the most interesting of the action during the match.

Unfortunately for us, the crew only played one match in the video. They manage to pull off a victory on the attack side of Route 66, and there are some pretty great moments and communication between the team. You’ll see some solid healing from Barry, Bastion shredding from Holly, and self-deprecation and frustration from Arin. But honestly the crew does well, and we hope they listen to the fans and record/release more Overwatch content as seeing their personalities interact as a team trying to win is a fun experience.