It’s a rare treat when we get to see Danny and Arin play a horror game, so this game poping up on the Game Grumps channel was a little exciting. But wait, THEY ARE PLAYING IT IN VR?!? WITH A FACE CAM!?!? Oh this is going to be one hell of a ride.

We’ve got Arin with the VR headset on, and Danny riding shotgun for Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. The atmosphere of the game immediately has the boys on edge, and Dan doesn’t even need the headset on to be crapping his pants by the end of the intro sequence. Luckily, Arin has the experience of recently completing Resident Evil Remastered under his belt, so everything will be fine right? No, probably not. This playthrough by the Grumps has no shortage of fear, begging for mercy, peeking around corners, and genuine screams of terror.

Unfortunately what it does lack is good pacing for the viewer. The episodes are short compared to other let’s plays of Resident Evil 7, and VR seems to make the game a little more difficult to control. This brings the progress-per-episode very low.

Despite the pacing, the playthrough is overall a fun one to watch, especially if you’ve never seen the game played in VR as it adds a some new dynamic challenges and solutions. The rare Game Grumps face cam is also fun for the first several episodes it lasts for as we get to see their reactions and the occasional moment of Dan screwing with an unsuspecting Arin.

You’ll enjoy this series if you are a fan of the Game Grumps playing horror games, or if you are interested in seeing Resident Evil 7: Biohazard played in VR.