In this seemingly never ending series, Dan and Arin play through the most popular, infuriating, and bizarre user created levels of Super Mario Maker.  With 105 episodes so far, this series is a roller-coaster of triumphs and frustrations as the Grumps are tested against what the crazies of the internet thinks pass for Super Mario levels. The creations they play through vary in their creativity, but are almost always sadistic in their difficulty. The best (or you could say worst) example of this sadism are fellow Grump Ross’ Super Mario Maker levels that Dan and Arin tried to complete.

Ross’ Super Mario Maker Levels

What really got peoples eyeballs on this series was the guys’ attempt to play through levels designed by Ross O’Donovan himself. These levels are some of the toughest, and most frustrating levels in the game. To make matters worse, they were made in a time before the ability to add checkpoints, so failure meant redoing the entire level all over again.

When they die to Ross’ diabolic creation of a Hammer Bro on top of a Baby Bowser on top of a moving shell with a floor of oppositely moving conveyor belts for the tenth time in a row, the pure unfiltered rage exuded by Arin and the hate laden apathy of Danny is priceless. You’ll love every time they die for the angry reactions, and also feel elated when they finally get passed that final obstacle in a gauntlet of instant death pitfalls and Baby Bowsers’ on conveyor belts, so many conveyor belts.

Jirard Levels and Best of The Internet

The rest of the series sees Dan and Arin playing through fan made levels, best pf the internet levels, and a couple levels designed by Jirard The Completionist. Most of these levels are more fairly designed then Ross’ creations, but they bring no less joy for the viewer. On top of watching the guys play through some very interesting levels with the occasional over-the-top frustration explosion, this series has a ton of priceless moments between Dan and Arin.

If you are a fan of Game Grumps, this is a must watch series. You don’t always have to pay attention to what is going on on-screen, so this series is perfect to have on in the background while doing other things or just relaxing.