The Game Grumps saw all the fun and success other let’s players were having by playing the most shareable game of 2015, Undertale, and took a shot at it themselves in October. They made what turned out to be a great choice by having Barry at the controls and Ross as the backseat gamer. Barry, a fan of the genre (Earthbound, Mother), going in blind and Ross knowing just a little bit about the game allowed the viewer to experience all of the unique, fun, and surprising moments Undertale has for the first time and with the Grumps’ genuine reactions. Clocking in at 39 episodes, this series turned out to be one of Game Grumps best, and most viewed series. Let’s take a look at what made this series so great:

The Voices

As always with Game Grumps series, there is a lot of hilarious back-and-forth between cast members, in this case Ross and Barry, but the stand out of this series is the voices each gave to the colorful cast of Undertale. They create voices for every character and keep them consistent throughout. They make such an effort to remain consistent that they often have to remind each other what each character sounds like.

The best voices out of the lot were for the goofy skeleton duo Sans and Papyrus. Barry gives Sans a dopey and deep voice that makes all of his bad puns, corny jokes, and trailing off silences more endearing (and creepy in certain situations). Ross gave Papyrus what I will call a slightly-happier-Skeletor voice, and it fit perfectly fits the character’s personality  while playing the perfect funny-man to Barry’s straight-man style Sans. Once you get a few episodes in to this series these voices will become your head-cannon, you wont even be able to read in either of those fonts without hearing Ross and Barry.

All of this this makes the whole of the dialogue funnier and helps bring the great writing of Toby Fox to life. More importantly than that though, is that it makes the characters more endearing and helps invest the audience in the story.

The Playthroughs


The Game Grumps start this series off with a 23 episode pacifist run, sparing every enemy they can. This leads to a lot of great D’awww moments and so many THE FEELS as characters in a pacifist run show their true colors. Barry plays to the adorableness of the situations well as he seems genuinely touched by it all while Ross keeps the edge on (although you know he loves it too).

They successfully complete the run and get a great ending with plenty of touching moments and dialogue, but Ross and Barry just couldn’t stop there could they…


That’s right, after a run full of sparing and becoming attached to each and every character, they decide “Hey, murder them all”. Ok maybe that’s not an exact quote, but they do complete a genocide run. From nearly tear-inducing murder of “Goat-mom” and PAPYRUS, to the championship-winning like moment when Barry finally defeats “you’re gonna have a bad time”Sans, the genocide run lived up to the entertainment value of the pacifist run.

Final Thoughts

If you have not and do not plan on playing Undertale, then I would highly suggest you watch the Game Grumps series. Their playthrough is genuine, you’ll experience the moments of the game for the first time just as they do while getting both a true pacifist and genocide run. This series has the definitive voice-overs for with great off-topic stories and hilarious and touching moments from Barry and Ross both in and out of character.