Game Grumps are a highly entertaining cast of Let’s Players founded by Arin Hanson (EgoRaptor) in 2012. They play both classic and new titles while speaking their minds with little to no filter, often leading to hilarious moments of banter and observations on the game. Normally releasing 3 episodes a day, they recently (unofficially) cut down to just Arin and Dan in two episodes a day. What will the future hold for on of the original and greatest Let’s Play channels?

Their current cast of personalities include:

  • Arin Hanson (Egoraptor)
  • Daniel Avadan (Danny Sexbang)
  • Ross O’Donovan (RubberNinja)
  • Barry Kramer
  • Brian Wecht (Ninja Brian)
  • Suzy Hanson (Mortimer)
  • And the occasional celebrity guest

You can check their YouTube channel out here.