With a high-five and a “Top of the morning to ya!” to his fans, Jacksepticeye burst on to the Lets Play scene in 2013. Jack channel follows the trends of other popular video game Lets Player’s when it comes to the games played and the editing. What makes the Jacksepticeye channel special is Jack’s uniquely happy-go-lucky high energy personality that he brings to every video. He makes damn sure he’s having fun in every video he puts out, and as a viewer you can’t help but share in the enjoyment. Jacksepticeye videos rely less on the editing humor compared to some of his high-profile friends (e.g. PewDiePie)  while still providing highly entertaining content.

The green-haired Irishman is one of the top gaming Youtubers with over 15 million subscribers, putting him in league with his good friend Markiplier. Jacksepticeye continues to grow as a channel and as a brand with no signs of stopping. Expect Jack to be around having stupid amounts of fun playing games for a very long time to come.