Happy Wheels is the type of game that is right in Markiplier’s wheelhouse. It is unpredictable and most attempts at the user made maps result in gory and visceral deaths. He reacts as if he actually feels a bit of the pain of his crushed, exploded, impaled, and/or sliced up riders. These reaction add a fun punch to each attempt and makes the series very addicting due your desire to see how he’ll react to the next crazy way the rider dies. The videos are presented as highlights and edited to feature only the most interesting courses and attempts. Clocking in at around 90 episodes, and still going strong, this is  Markiplier’s longest running series.

Happy Wheels has been a regular go-to for many YouTube Let’s Players, and some phone-it-in by not putting in the effort or being engaged during the episode. Markiplier is one of the best at genuinely enjoying each Happy Wheels playthrough, and it makes for a very entertaining experience.