By declaring “PHARAH IS BAE”, Markiplier gives in to the hype and joins in on the fun of the hottest new game in 2016, Overwatch. While he isn’t known for his competitive FPS play, Markiplier does well for himself playing as Pharah, helping his team win and letting his “JUSTICE RAIN FROM ABOVE” in a couple Plays of the Game. At the start of his video he notes that he is a relative Overwatch noob, beginning the play session at level 8. Markiplier groups up for his matches with several friends and fellow internet personalities Wade, Tesh, Patrick, and Gar.

At the time of writing this, Markiplier doesn’t have much Overwatch content on his channel. Hopefully he continues to play the game and upload some of the matches to his channel. The game is fun as hell to play and really interesting to watch as well, especially with some Markiplier-tier ad libbed commentary. Who knows, he might even play a different character the next time around if he doesn’t mind upsetting his “bae” Pharah.

What do you think of Markiplier’s Overwatch play? Good? Great? Scrubby? Should he make more videos? Let us know what you think with a comment below.