Markiplier ventures into the cozy confines of 2017s most disgusting and frightening triple-A game, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. As with all horror games, Mark makes for a great watch when navigating through RE7’s distinctly unwelcoming environment. Mark may occasionally put on his brave-boy face when trying to avoid the goop monsters and members of the Baker family, but you know its just an act when comes to a wide-eyed dead stop at the slightest floorboard creek or distant groan. It’s the same old scared Markiplier that regular viewers come to love, and RE7 scares him in all the best ways.

What takes this playthrough from good to great is the amount of effort Markiplier makes to exploring the entire game and understanding the entire story. Mark doesn’t cheat the viewers out of any of the fantastic world Capcom built in RE7, as he searches every room and reads every note. He even takes time out to hypothesize what each story element means to the bigger picture of what is going on and what happened at the Baker residence. And when there is a major fork in the road later in the game, he takes the time to finish the game trying the choice he didn’t make the first time.

All DLC is also explored after he finishes the main game.

If you are looking to watch someone else play this game because you’re running low on underpants to crap in, Markiplier’s thorough and entertaining playthrough is your best choice.