He’s back at it again, taking on another FromSoftware game, another in the Souls series, and another ridiculously difficult game that will test his sanity. PewDiePie, as most fans of FromSoftware games, was excited for the release of Dark Souls 3, but maybe a little too excited as he made a bet that he could complete the game with zero deaths. Yes that is 0, as in the number.  I’ll let you watch the series to find out if he completes this no-death challenge!

He doesn’t. He dies. He dies a lot. But that is ok, because his deaths and overreactions to them are the best part of the series. You’ll see surprise deaths, overpowered boss deaths, getting teamed up on deaths, PewDiePie giving colorful alternate names to each boss, and controller-breaking rage (yes he actually breaks a controller). So if you like PewDiePie, the Souls franchise, both, or either, you’ll want to check this playthrough out.