Happy Wheels is one of Pewdiepie’s longest running series, with over 70 episodes, and spans several years. It’s also notable as one of the first series he did that was not a horror game. In this series Pewdiepie plays through a random selection of fan made levels, usually picking from the top rated at the time. He gives most of the courses an honest effort, but he’s pretty good about paying attention and following the directions of the course. What makes this series great though is not his skill, which is average, but his hilarious commentary and reactions to the gruesome and amazing situations he gets his rider into. If he is playing as Santa Claus, you might here him yelling at his elves like a slavemaster as they get sliced up by some well placed knives. Or if hes playing as the irresponsible dad and the impact from a massive jump blew the kids arms off, he might be the scared voice of the son asking the dad where his arms went.

Happy Wheels is always fun to watch due to the many unpredictable ways the rider can die and the satisfaction that comes from watching the player get past a tough obstacle but PewDiePies commentary is the cherry-on-top that makes this series one of his best.