From the first episode of PewDiePie’s Resident Evil 7: Biohazard playthrough we can see that this “reboot” of the classic horror series is important to the world famous let’s player who made his career on the genre. He says himself that he didn’t like the direction the Resident Evil games had been going in. He believes that RE7 did a great job of taking cues from the successful indie horror games of the past several years such as Amnesia , Outlast, and others.

As per usual, PewDiePie puts together an entertaining playthrough of a horror game. Even though he is terrified for the duration of most episodes, you can tell he is really enjoying the experience. Compared to some of his other recent videos, PewDiePie gets to play a legit game that has a lot of thought and effort put in to it, and the result is a more happy, and therefore entertaining, PewDiePie.  If you are a fan of the guy, this series will not disappoint.