PewDiePie is a Youtube Let’s Player with a goofy demeanor, a crude sense of humor, and an honest relationship with his viewers. Oh yah, he’s also the most popular man on the internet. His Youtube channel has over 44 million subscribers and the most views over any other channel. He plays all types of games, from the newest and most popular titles, to indie horror games. Despite his huge success, PewDiePie still has a down-to-earth personality and is still creating the same type of content that got him to where he is today.

While all of his videos easily get over a million views each, his most popular videos are of him playing any type of game that gets a big reaction out of the Swedish Let’s Player. Horror games in particular get the best out of PewDiePie. Watching him on facecam put up a false bravado only to be shaking scared a few moments later due to a ghost popping out of a wall is oddly fun to watch.

The editing on his videos deserves a shout out as well. They are usually simple edits like zooming in, adding music or text,  but with perfect comedic timing to enhance the funnier moments of the videos.

Reactions are the name of PewDiePie’s game, and when he is not creating videos of himself playing video games, he creates videos of him reacting to things…many things. From reading mean comments about himself, to Googling himself, to even watching old videos of himself, he is not afraid to react to something and put it on the internet. And people love it; millions of people.

PewDiePie has achieved some unknown combination of happy-go-lucky, crude, endearing, humble, and exuberant that plays perfectly to the online viewing audience, as 44 million people could attest to with a “brofist” and a high pitched “PeeeewDiePieee”.